Have Another Beer In Mexico: Cozumel

Have Another Beer In Mexico: Cozumel

We have and are always adding a lot of tropical themed stuff. Sam and I both grew up in families that traveled regularly. In my family, cruises were a staple of our vacation playbook and so it goes I’ve been predisposed to all things tropical my whole life.

One of the cruise ship destinations that stands out the most is Cozumel, Mexico. It has come a long way over the years and has, to me, become one of the most fun places to visit in the Caribbean. My last visit to Cozumel happened to also be on my first vacation with my, then, future bride, Sam, and we had an experience that will be hard to top. The credit for our epic Cozumel stop goes entirely to the two places I will describe below. But this is an ecommerce blog so do me a favor and picture yourself wearing this Tropic Like It’s Hot Tank while enjoying some boat drinks at these places.

First stop: Nachi-Cocom Beach Club

Nachi-Cocom is, to me, the best beach in Cozumel. The sand is a lot finer than at some of the other beaches on the island that can be a bit rough. The water feels like a warm bath and the location faces west toward mainland Mexico so it’s calm as can be.

The other benefit of Nachi-Cocom is that it requires an all-inclusive pass for admission and they only sell a limited number of passes per day. The limited number of passes is great because there’s always a seat on the beach and the ratio of employees to guests results in some amazing service from a super friendly staff. Although, to be fair, I am yet to go anywhere in Mexico that didn’t have great service.

The food and drinks are great as well. If I’m remembering correctly, Sam and I got some chicken nachos and burritos that were all delicious. After we ate we were able to rent a jet ski for cheap which we followed with some tasty pina coladas. Next up we got a cab and headed to our next stop.

Second Stop: Margaritaville

We wanted to hit the local Margaritaville before we left we took off from Nachi-Cocom early and got to Margaritaville Cozumel with a couple hours before we had to get back on the ship. And good God did we make the most out of it.

The sun, sand, and pina coladas from earlier definitely played a role but Sam and I had a BLAST sitting on the patio drinking some of the most delicious (and strongest) margaritas ever concocted. At the time this Margaritaville location was sort of off the beaten path which, for us, meant we had the place almost entirely to ourselves and the staff only had us to pay attention to so they turned our two top into a party.

We had a blast with the staff at this place and got absolutely lit up making some great memories on our first vacation together. When it was time to go back to the ship we found another couple from the same ship to share a cab with and I’m afraid they regretted that decision once they were in a confined space with us. When the cab stopped at the port they may as well have sprinted away from us which was unfortunate as I thought we had developed a deep bond on our shared journey back to the ship. Oh well.

So that sums up our last visit to this amazing destination. I am unsure about what resorts there are on Cozumel but, as a cruise ship destination, I can promise that if you visit the two places described above you are not going to be disappointed. Especially if you wear the Tropic Like It’s Hot Tank… 🙂

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