Introduction to Spinning Wheel Trading Company

Introduction to Spinning Wheel Trading Company

Thanks for visiting! For those wondering, we weren’t actually trying for the longest url ever. In the spirit of Ron Swanson’s “Very Good Building and Development Co.”, we went for something simple that, at least, generally describes what we do. FTR, ‘Spinning Wheel’ is the name of the street we were on when we started and ‘Trading Company’ was a broad term we used because the purpose of us forming was to enable us to sell virtually anything we wanted whenever we could. Also, for those new to SWTC, when I say ‘we’, I am referring to my wife, Samantha, who does the majority of our designs, handles the social media, and runs Sleepy Panda Pieces, and I, Brandon, who does the SWTC Etsy, runs this website, and is working on building the company’s presence on other marketplaces.

So what can you expect out of this website? There will always be t-shirts and apparel, gift items like mugs and decorative pillows, and coming soon we will feature a new product every week from one of our supply partners in Seattle who make some really cool and fun bar and drink ware. As for the blog, I have no idea what direction it’s going to go but I am challenging myself to keep it as updated as I can in hopes of a common theme developing over time. It might get a little random but with the products we currently have for sale I can’t imagine it won’t be at least a little entertaining.

Well that’s all I have for now. Thanks again for stopping by the blog and visiting our website! Bear with me on the design and product upload. Everything about this site is a work in progress. On the flip side the SWTC Etsy shop is looking phenomenal and we’re running a 15% off sale on t-shirts through near the end of next month so be sure to go and visit!

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